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Q: I just got my stock in the mail, and my gun doesn't fit into the wood. Why?



A: All of our semi-inletted products are unfinished, and approximately 90% inletted. These are not "drop-in" style stocks.  This means your semi-inletted stock will require further hand-fitting to get a completed fit to your firearm. We leave approximately .003" of extra wood in the inletting area and about .05" extra wood on the exterior of the stock. 

If you are a novice and have not done this before, you might want to contact a skilled gunsmith who has stock-making experience for help or advice.  If installation or alterations are improperly made, it can result in damage to your firearm or other property, or serious injuries or death to yourself or someone else. 


We do not offer stock fitting or finishing at this time. If you need a gunsmith recommendation, please contact us. 



Q: I want to re-stock an old gun that was handed down to me from my Grandfather. Can I just get a cheap replacement stock, nothing fancy? 


A: If you don't find what you need on our website or anywhere else online, the answer is probably no. If we happen to have a pattern to make a replacement stock, we may be able to make a stock for you. However, it will be more expensive to produce since we will be spending extra time setting up a special run just for your stock. If it's considered rare, it's just not cost effective for us make more than one. Be prepared to spend $500 and up to get a replacement stock. 


 Q: How to I cancel an order I placed, or do a return or exchange? 

A: see below...


-We offer a 5 day inspection period upon receipt of your stock for refund or exchange for MOST stocks.  ANY alterations of any kind made to the stock including (but not limited to) sanding, shaping, inletting work, etc. will void any warranty and returns will not be allowed. Shipping fees will not be reimbursed. 

-A 12% ($35 minimum) restocking fee will be imposed for ALL returns on stocks purchased from inventory. Please note, custom ordered stocks* CANNOT be returned or refunded (unless otherwise agreed upon).  (*Custom ordered stocks are not already in our inventory, and are ordered by the customer with a specifc pattern, type and grade of wood, OR stocks from inventory with custom changes made.)

-A cancellation fee for any order placed is 12% of the price of the stock ($35 minimum), before carving or shipping has taken place. 

Please note that wood in it’s natural form can have minor knots, mineral lines and other occurrences, and are not considered defects. Stocks that are sold as "grade 5", “rejects”, “seconds” or purchased “as is” cannot be returned. Your original receipt must be included for returns and/or exchanges. Please let us know if you have any questions, info@walnutgrovegunstocks.com. 


Q: What is the restocking or cancellation fee for? 


A: When you purchase a stock, several things happen. A paid employee must take the time to pull that stock from our inventory, make sure it's marked as 'sold' in our system, and then set up all necessary paperwork: invoicing, shipping and packaging. Then we will have the shop crew do a final clean-up and inspection of the stock. A final sanding is usually needed, as well as sealing the ends and making sure there aren't any unaccounted for flaws or issues.

     If we don't actually ship the stock out to you before you cancel your order, we will not charge you for shipping. However, we have still already gone through all the steps above prior to shipping, as well as what comes next.

     Once you've asked to cancel your order, a paid employee must then re-inventory that item, marking it as 'un-sold' in the system, and making sure it's back up on the website. During that time it was off our website, it was not available to another potential customer. 

     In order to avoid a re-stocking fee, please contact us the SAME day you placed your order. Otherwise, we will have already begun the above processes.  Thanks!



We typically ship via U.S. Postal Service (USPS) standard mail, unless otherwise discussed. Please allow about one week shipping time within the U.S. and longer for international shipments. For our international customers, please inquire for a shipping quote. 

STANDARD SHIPPING PRICES w/in the United States (updated 3/9/18):

(1) Rifle stock, $30

(1) Buttstock and forend set, $30

(1) Mannlicher length stock (more than 36"), $40



-Always follow firearm rules per the firearm's manufacturer.

-NEVER work on a loaded firearm.

-Walnut Grove Gunstocks LLC is not responsible for: misuse, careless handling, negligence, unauthorized modifications or adjustments made by you or anyone else, use of improper ammunition, criminal misuse or use of this product under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You are ultimately responsible for your use of this product, so please be smart and follow the laws.

-Prices are subject to change and availability. We reserve the right to charge full price in the event of a mis-priced stock on our website or promotional flyers. 

-Please allow 6 months or more for custom or special machined stocks. Stocks purchased directly off the website are available immediately and will be shipped out typically within 5-7 business days, except during holiday breaks, or during our busy times.